5❦ Weep and Whale

 “This is not a co-working space, it’s a BAR, for Trium’s sake.”

I had not been familiar with the notion of ‘Con crash’ until both reading about and experiencing it this year, on the way back from Gen Con.

So, join me as I un-crash myself. You’ll be treated to  conversations about the mind & heart of the most incredible public RPG game I’ve ever played in, a Sunday morning romp in the (literally) wonder-full undersea world of Descent into Midnight. You’ll marvel, or weep, at one of the first live recordings with an actual Goetic to make it out into the Grey. You’ll also hear terrible puns and amateur foley cranked up to 11.

Oh, yeah — and this podcast includes A PLAYLIST (Apple Music or Spotify), courtesy of Stefanie Midlock!


Honored guests:

VJ Brown (@nwfairy)
VJ is the storyteller for the Actual Play podcast Hedged In, A Changeling Story, and runs a graphic design studio at VJ Brown Designs.

Drew Corkill (@drewcork)
Drew is a graphic and user-experience designer, who does freelance illustration and design work at Corkscrew Design Studio.

Stefanie  Midlock (@thenorthfour)
Stefanie is starting a new podcast, Athrabeth, about the lore surrounding the work of J.R.R. Tolkien — watch for it to arrive in September.

James Pierson (@jpierson)
James is an engineer who would like to have more time to do non-engineer nerdy things.

And, in the live segment from Gen Con with “Names” the Goetic researcher:

Evan Saft (@namesequipped) as “Names”
Ian Smith
(@iangamesmith) as “Meldrum”
Jason Robinson (@vafer) as “Drummel”


Gamers Giving logo: heart, inscribed on a d20, with angelic wingsThis episode was sponsored by Gamers Giving (@gamersgivingco), a Denver-based 501(c)3 charity by gamers, for gamers. Gamers Giving organizes events and fundraisers which benefit members of the gaming community who have experienced tragedy.


Casey Ross (@caseyrawz)

Sound Effects ©2018 BBC

Audio design for the “Crepuscule Notion” intro is courtesy of Michael Parker (@the_closetgamer).


Gen Con is an amazing experience. Start saving your pennies now, and plan to join us all next year.

I know that Troy Pichelman has a) traveled great distances with gifts of cheese and b) spoken about PbtA on Cypher Speak, but I can’t point to a specific episode. Maybe just go listen to them all?

Descent into Midnight was the true star of this show. Follow @DiMRPG and its creators, Rich Howard (@umbralwalker), Richard Kreutz-Landry (@rkreutzlandry), Taylor LaBresh (@leviathanfiles), and Brandon Leon-Gambetta (@drcaptainkobold).

I am honored to be co-GMing the Invisible Sun Actual Play “The Truth Bleeds at Twilight”, in cooperation with Monte Cook Games. We’ll be streaming episode 2 tonight (August 17) at 7pm on the MonteCookGames Twitch channel, and biweekly thereafter until Thanksgiving. You can also follow The Crepuscule Notion on Twitter or read and contribute at the Notion website.

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