14❦ Sighted Digits

“I really don’t know how they’ve done it. They don’t even have souls… do they?”

Tonight, Jason talks with Glenn Fleishman about his ambitious Tiny Type Museum project — as well as typography, design, technology, and the weird spaces between digital and analog.

Also, a conversation with Steve Robinson, owner of Wolf Mountain Books, about what makes books so special.

Glenn Fleishman (@glennf)
Steve Robinson

Glenn’s Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule has funded on Kickstarter, and progress is being tracked at TinyTypeMuseum.com. Read more, take a look at photos of the development process, or make an order while there are still tiny museums available in the limited run of 1,000.

Glenn mentioned several foundries and other typography-related folks, including:

  • The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, who serendipitously was involved in cutting an early wood type version of DeVinne, by permission of Central Type Foundry, where it was first designed five or so years prior.
  • P22, makers of Blox (in collaboration with Starshaped Press).
  • GlowForge, who make a 3D Laser cutter that basically conjures things from the æther.

In addition, these fine folks were mentioned:

Finally, a colophon of sorts. Here are the typefaces mentioned:

  • Bembo, which Tufte recreated from the original drawings, because of course. Read the comments on this page to find a gem from Tufte himself.
  • Albertus
  • De Vinne, as originally designed by Gustav Schroeder c. 1892 (this is the version which influences Invisible Sun’s design; there are others of the same name which look different)

Steve Robinson is the owner of Wolf Mountain Books, and mentioned the following books and authors:


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