1❦ Elegant Madness: The UX of Invisible Sun

I’m happy you found us down here. I hope you’ll return. Next time, please do refrain from casting.

A look at Invisible Sun through the lens of UX and game design. Honored guest: Ian Smith.

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Honored guest:
Ian Smith (@iangamesmith)

An organization I’d like you to know about:
Lawful Good Gaming

Audio Design:
Casey Ross (@caseyrawz)

Sound Effects ©2018 BBC


The orange bitters I’m digging on:
King Floyd’s Orange Bitters

John Gruber (@gruber) writes as Daring Fireball and broadcasts on “The Talk Show with John Gruber”.

Dr. Scott Robinson (no relation; @AgonSeer) and Dave Hanlon (@tex_red) host the Incantations podcast, devoted to all things Invisible Sun. Incantations is hosted on the CypherCast Network.

Darcy Ross (@DarcyLRoss) and Troy Pichelman (@TroyP23) host the Cypher Speak podcast. Cypher Speak is part of the Misdirected Mark family of podcasts.

Benjamin Ellinger, Digipen Institute
Personal site: http://zenrhino.org
Engagement Theory: http://faculty.digipen.edu/~bellinge

Monte Cook Games (@montecookgames)

Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun is the intellectual property of Monte Cook Games, with whom Zeros.Bar and the Secret Cellar have no affiliation.

2 Replies to “1❦ Elegant Madness: The UX of Invisible Sun”

  1. I have found my way somehow, from the world of Shadow, to your cellar!
    I really enjoyed this and look forward to more episodes!

    1. Thank you, Brian! It’s an honor to have you.

      Please tell your friends — but only the cool ones. Getting the wrong type of crowd down here could be… disastrous.

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