16❦ Weaponized Hospitality

“Remarkable! I’ve only seen that color once before… in a pair of gems set deep within the pupils of an entity named Esthanas. Last I knew, they were living under the light of the Silver.”

In which the Proprietor tells tales of one of his favorite half-worlds, a place of distant memory and deep dreams, far beneath the surface of the sea.

Richard Kreutz-Landry and Rich Howard stop in to discuss the impending Kickstarter for Descent into Midnight — which you heard about long ago, in episode 5.

The discussion also winds (inevitably) toward memory, origami, hospitality, technology, live theatre, and bedsheets.

Richard Kreutz-Landry (@RKreutzLandry)
Rich Howard (@UmbralWalker)

Find out more about Descent into Midnight at DescentIntoMidnight.com, which will soon redirect to a shiny new website, or follow the DiM Twitter feed (@DiMRPG).

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the recently-announced cover for the book, featuring lovely artwork by Devon George (@DGeorgeStudios).

Richard’s site, OrigamiGaming.com, features thoughts and musings and… origami diagrams! Don’t miss the seminal TIE Fighter he spoke about in the interview.

I stumbled into Secrets of the Magdalen Laundries in October 2000, where it was first exhibited by Gallery Henoch on W 25th St in Manhattan.

The installation was designed by Diane Fenster, with audio design by Michael McNabb. You can see some images and video on the exhibition’s page — and I highly recommend it. Haunting.

This Wikipedia article, or this one, are a fine place to start learning about the Magdalen(e) Laundries.

Rich Howard has several works published on DriveThruRPG, and a list of podcast appearances pinned to his Twitter account.

You can find This is a Game About Fishing, and other games by Taylor LaBresh (@LeviathanFiles), on his Itch page.


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