6❦ Changing Shape

“One final piece of advice: given the means of your arrival here, you obviously didn’t speak with Quiss when you arrived… if such a thing is even still possible. As such, it’s probably the Triumvirate who are keeping track of your time here. It’s not documented anywhere, but most folks agree 8 days seems a good upper limit.

“You do NOT want to overstay your welcome.”

When The Secret Cellar opened its doors, we quietly spread the word in the expected places: Markus, of course, and Grey Memories; the Castle of the Lie; various prosodies frequented by the Apostate crowd… Our regulars are mostly vislae who take solace in the proximity of this space to the Grey.

But, more rarely, there is another type of guest who finds their way here: the Traveler from Shadow, who has one way or the other taken advantage of the proximity of this space… to Indigo.

Our guest tonight is one such wanderer: Rich Howard (@umbralwalker), whom you may recognize as the concept lead for Descent Into Midnight, of Episode 5 fame.

Role-playing gamers allow us, for just a moment, to change our shape… which can be more impactful than you might realize. I learned a lot from Rich tonight.

ALSO! If you’re the nerdy Invisible Sun type, stick around for my analysis of the structure & signifance of the Sooth Deck. There are still many Secrets to be discovered, but I may just drop some Hidden Knowledge on you. 🤫


Rich Howard (@umbralwalker)


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These show notes can’t hope to capture all of things Rich is involved in, but you should at very least follow him on Twitter, start digging into the podcast archives of Whelmed: The Young Justice Files, Lear more about Descent Into Midnight, and read more about his other work. Also, maybe just ask him impossible questions, point blank and without warning. It worked for me.

Descent into Midnight is an amazing, and deeply human (which is ironic, considering) RPG. Follow @DiMRPG and its creators, Rich Howard (@umbralwalker), Richard Kreutz-Landry (@rkreutzlandry), Taylor LaBresh (@leviathanfiles), and Brandon Leon-Gambetta (@drcaptainkobold).

Rich drinks Jing Tea, and perhaps you should, too. 😉

If you want to learn more about the Sooth Deck, or really anything about Invisible Sun, you should absolutely be listening to Incantations Podcast, hosted by Dr. Scott Robinson (@agonseer; no relation) and Dave Hanlon (@tex_red).

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