17❦ Matando a Saudade

“It was probably ill-advised, softening this whiskey with drops culled from Beloved’s Fountain. Hours of sleep, hollowed away and replaced with nothing more than longing.”

In which the Proprietor dreams of a world he visited long ago — and fears he may never find a return. (It’s Gen Con weekend, or it would be in a non-pandemic timeline.)

As balm for the saudade, we’re playing a live interview recorded at Gen Con 2019: Ethan Schoonover visits the Cellar to talk about his fascinating #DnDGirls project — teaching D&D Club at Lake Washington Girls’ Middle School in Seattle.

Ethan is an absolute delight — as are these young women who have made D&D their own.

Ethan Schoonover (@ethanschoonover)

You can see what Ethan has been up to at his website, or follow him on Twitter or YouTube — which includes some great videos about D&D club and also GMing tips — but what you really want to do is visit #DnDGirls and just start scrolling. There’s so much good here.

We’ve both experienced the joy of sitting at James Walls’ (@ILiveForCrits) table for a rousing game of Dungeon Crawl Classics by Goodman Games.

There’s no formal sponsorship happening (we promise!) but you really should check out Peak Design, including the camera bag Ethan and I found ourself twinsies with.

I also mentioned this interview with Matthew Dimalanta of Gamers Giving.


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This episode was sponsored by Gamers Giving (@gamersgivingco), a Denver-based 501(c)3 charity by gamers, for gamers. Gamers Giving organizes events and fundraisers which benefit members of the gaming community who have experienced tragedy.

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