4❦ Grey Areas

What does its arrival mean for the Grey? What does it mean for Grey Havens, like this one? No divination in the Actuality can make that clear. Time, alone, will tell.”

Today I chat with Alexei Othenin-Girard about the historical Surrealism movement as a basis for understanding and telling stories within Invisible Sun — but more interesting, Alexei takes issue with some elements of the setting. What is really going on in the Grey?

I also perform a (spoiler-free!) virtual unboxing of the Directed Campaign for Invisible Sun.


Honored guests:
Alexei Othenin-Girard (@voxexmachina)

Audio Design:
Casey Ross (@caseyrawz)

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Alexei teaches game design at Balboa High School in San Francisco.

His podcast, Carpe DM, chronicles the adventures of Meredith, who is learning to GM by planning a D&D campaign.

You can read his tweetstorm/article on “Surrealism and Invisible Sun” on Medium.

Invisible Sun’s Directed Campaign is currently available for purchase.

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