9❦ Secretly a Raccoon

“I’m sorry, that particular Shadow object is not allowed h — 

“No, when I said the thing about the light from all of the Suns, I absolutely did NOT mean —

“It’s an entirely different thing! If Void is what has gathered them, all the colors cease to have meaning. Out and apart with you! Can’t you read!?

NO KALEIDOSCOPES OR PINEAPPLES, clear as an Indigo day.”

Join me this evening for a multi-beverage chat with Brie Sheldon, who is on the cusp of making the world a better place by (among many other things) successfully Kickstarting his new game, Turn, a “slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game with quiet drama about shapeshifters in small, rural towns.” I know: until this moment you neither knew such a thing existed, nor that you needed it. But now you do, and must.

If you hang around til the end of the show, you’ll also discover a new segment, “The Streets of Satyrine” — in which I’ll regale you with stories about the personal games I am running. Tonight we’ll kick off with a little in-world fiction from The Truth Bleeds at Twilight.


Brie “Beau” Sheldon (@BrieCS)
Brie is a game designer, thinker, and writer. All kinds of good info over at BrieCS.com, or read his blog Thoughty.


Turn is in its final 2-day stretch on Kickstarter. The game (and 3 stretch goals!) have been funded — as I write this, the campaign is currently just $318 away from a fourth, which will invite Gerrit Reininghaus to create the rural community of Halver, in West Germany, as an add-on for the game.

Spoiler alert: Brie says on the show that if we can reach the final posted $20K before tomorrow night, he’ll add a personal, additional stretch goal to sweeten the deal.

$15 bucks gets you a PDF of the game, flavored also with essays, poetry, and lovely artwork. Well worth it.

Other contributors to the project include visual designer John W. Sheldon, developmental editor and consultant Tracy Barnett, illustrator Rhis Harris, poet A.J. Odasso, and essayist Alicia Foster-Scales.

The Truth Bleeds at Twilight has finished Season 1 — you can find all 8 (no, 9) episodes in the archives at Monte Cook Games’ Twitch Channel.

Also, my co-GM for the project Ian Smith has recently obtained Twitch affiliate status as IanGameSmith and has big plans for future streaming. Go follow them for updates!


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This episode was sponsored by Gamers Giving (@gamersgivingco), a Denver-based 501(c)3 charity by gamers, for gamers. Gamers Giving organizes events and fundraisers which benefit members of the gaming community who have experienced tragedy.


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