7❦ More than Reality

“Yes, hello. This is the Proprietor of the Secret Cellar. I’m calling about the Dampening Circle you put in place?

“It is supposed to extend to our entire premises, is it not? I’ve received reports that there’s a painting in the coatroom, near the ceiling, that has been… malfunctioning of late. Would you please look into it at your earliest convenience?”

Tonight, I’ll be talking with painter Molly Holland, about one particular means by which magic can seep into the Grey. Her work is lovely, as are her words. Which, as you’ll discover, is another way of saying the same thing.

You’ll also get to meet Matthew Dimalanta, community member and board-member-at-large of our ongoing sponsor, Gamers Giving.


Molly Holland and Matthew Dimalanta


Apple’s Podcasts app will display the new-fangled images, but Overcast (for iOS) and Pocket Casts (for iOS or Android) are great alternatives which also have image support.

You can see a single sample of Molly’s work at MollyHolland.com — but if you Google around a bit you can find a few other scattered pieces. Ben Cornelius has made a lovely video portrait also.

Giorgio de Chirico is the surreal artist I mentioned, capturer of frozen melancholy moments. Salvador Dalí also showed up in our chat.

My photographer-friend, Jeff Newton, captures light like a hunter. His professional work is stunning, but his personal work at Americano Mondays is even more my jam.

Numenera from Monte Cook Games is the RPG I’ve been GMing at our office for over two years. It’s weird, far-future sci-fi/fantasy crossover, optimized for quick storytelling and wild possibilities.

When you visit Flagstaff, grab a drink and peruse Molly’s work at Root Public House. Just, beware the heaters.

Matthew is a board member of Gamers Giving. Visit their Facebook page, and join the community!

The Strange and No Thank You, Evil! are the two other MCG products that Matthew brought up. I’m planning to give NTYE to Emma for her 3rd birthday. 🤫

I am utterly embarrassed that on air I could not remember the name of either Caleb Phillips or Vault, his Flagstaff-area gaming events and GM-for-hire service. He is single-handedly bringing great tabletop and RPG-ing to this town. Matthew rattled off just a few of the great stores in Denver: Wizard’s Chest, Enchanted Grounds, Crit Castle, and Total Escape Games.


The Kickstarter campaign for a reprint of Invisible Sun is now underway, and literally just met its funding goal as I type this! That means more vislae will indeed be escaping from Shadow, but also means that the door has opened for possible new products! Spread the word. I’ll soon be releasing an interview with Monte Cook, talking about the campaign and some interesting info about the headspace of he and the team, now that the game itself is out in the world.

I am honored to be co-GMing the Invisible Sun Actual Play “The Truth Bleeds at Twilight”, in cooperation with Ian Smith and Monte Cook Games. We’ll be streaming our final episode on Friday, November 16 at 7pm Pacific on the MonteCookGames Twitch channel — rumor has it there will be a very special guest in attendance! You can also follow The Crepuscule Notion on Twitter or read and contribute at the Notion website.

Also, don’t miss Ian’s Invisible Sun one-shot, this Saturday, November 3 on their @IanGameSmith Twitch channel — I’ll be joining as a PC, along with a few other lovely folks from the community. Further details TBA.


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This episode was sponsored by Gamers Giving (@gamersgivingco), a Denver-based 501(c)3 charity by gamers, for gamers. Gamers Giving organizes events and fundraisers which benefit members of the gaming community who have experienced tragedy.

Episode 7 was also brought to you by Tabletop Bellhop, your cardboard concierge. Tabletop Bellhop answers your game and game night questions, striving to make everyone’s gaming experience better. Read the blog, watch the live stream and listen to the podcast.

I am so grateful to my advertisers, who make The Secret Cellar… Actual.


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