3❦ Deeply Personal Choices

Spying, Scrying, I don’t care what you call it. What happens in the Cellar stays in the Cellar.”

Tonight we talk with improv comedian Alan Linic, who recently played Wayne on OneShot RPG’s A Woman with Hollow Eyes, about the intersections of improv, tabletop, and tech — and why Invisible Sun as a system leads to deeply personal character choices. You’ll also meet Talbert Tso, who will be playing Zearonith in my upcoming home game.

We’ll also hear from Talbert Tso, a player in my Invisible Sun home game.

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Honored guests:
Alan Linic (@alanlinic)
Talbert Tso

The lovely independent press who sponsored this episode:
Razorgirl Press

Audio Design:
Casey Ross (@caseyrawz)

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Alan plays (and teaches) for Second City in Chicago.

His podcast, TL;DM, discusses D&D DMing, from both sides of the DM screen.

OneShotRPG recently wrapped season 1 of A Woman with Hollow Eyes, in which Alan played “angry, self-defeating hubris-man” Wayne.

OneShot also produced Dungeon Dome, the pro-wrestling D&D 5E mashup.

Talbert Tso played Weaver Xion Sumisu (Zianillion Luminariste Smith) in my Invisible Sun beta compaign, and will be playing his uncle, Zearonith Illuminix Smith, in our upcoming home game.

Monte Cook Games (@montecookgames)

Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun is the intellectual property of Monte Cook Games, with whom Zeros.Bar and the Secret Cellar have no affiliation.

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