2❦ Apostate

Yes. Yes, I understand. We’ll take steps to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. And here’s the… item I promised. Thank you for your subtlety in this matter.

Tonight we talk with author & real-life Apostate Erin Stalcup (erinstalcup.com) about how to smash with compassion, in both Grey & Indigo.

We’ll also hear from Rourke Bywater, who created Suns & Circles, a 2-player game which utilzes the Invisible Sun Sooth Deck, and can be either either in- or out-of-world.

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Honored guests:
Erin Stalcup (erin.stalcup@gmail.com)
Rourke Bywater (@rourkebywater)

The lovely independent press who sponsored this episode:
Razorgirl Press

Audio Design:
Casey Ross (@caseyrawz)

Sound Effects ©2018 BBC


The rad local spots on Erin’s water bottle (Next time you’re in Flag, let’s do this):
Diablo Burger
Wanderlust Brewing
Mother Road Brewing
Fratelli’s Pizza

And, the literary magazine she edits:
The Tunnels

You can read her work at:

Waxwing Magazine and Erin’s website were designed by Beautymark Design Studio.

You can purchase her books on Amazon (affiliate links, to support this show):
And Yet It Moves, a collection of short stories
Every Living Species, a novel

Read a bit about Paulo Freire (who is in fact from Brazil!)

Monte Cook writes a bit about Apostates in the actuality in this Kickstarter update.

Rourke Bywater is the creator of Suns & Circles, a game for two players that uses an Invisible Sun Sooth Deck.

You can find her on Twitter at @rourkebywater or say hi on Twitch as Rourke9.

Monte Cook Games (@montecookgames)

Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun is the intellectual property of Monte Cook Games, with whom Zeros.Bar and the Secret Cellar have no affiliation.

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